Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OpenSolaris Workstation Step 2

I managed to get my hands on the monitor recently and got started with software installations. Having booted from the OpenSolaris 2008.11 Live CD I knew there were drivers for all of the hardware. After booting from the live CD there is a desktop icon to start the installation. All that is necessary to install the OS is to choose a partition or entire disk, provide a root password, and one user account with name and password. That's it, install complete and upon restart booting from the hard disk appears as an option in Grub even before the live CD is ejected. After the restart there is a desktop icon for IPS titled "Add More Software". I ran IPS and selected to install OpenOffice and NetBeans SE. No configuration and no restart. I launched NetBeans and it discovered there was an update to install. Installing this update updated the updater and did need to restart NetBeans. After the restart, the new updater found several updates and I installed them and once again restarted NetBeans. I selected Tools, Plugins and installed Groovy and Grails.

I haven't installed GlassFish or MySQL yet but all it takes to do so is run IPS and check a couple of checkboxes. I'm planning on waiting for Grails 1.1 to be released to finish off setting things up for development.

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  1. Hi,

    I did the same on virtual box and everything is working fine. More than fine actually.
    I really like the way OpenSolaris take care of Java (Which I had to install the latest version for maven or for netbeans ... Strange) It creates the ENV variable pointing to a link to the latest jre/jdk but if you like you could make it point to another version of java.

    Otherwise, I tried to install Nexenta on VirtualBox but couldn't start the X system. The advantages of Nexenta is having access to all the debian (Ubuntu) packages. (apt-get)

    I'm using VirtualBox for all my dev environnement and I think I'll migrate everything to opensolaris since it works greatly and all the dev packages are wonderfull.

    The only problem I have with virtualbox is making a network between my host and my guest. (i.e. : to test a website (localhost in solaris) with IE)