Tuesday, September 30, 2008

With Much Appreciation

Where do you get a year of free hosting? I got mine from OStatic. They got it from Sun. It is provided by Layered Tech. What can I do with it? Anything on Solaris using GlassFish and MySQL. What will I do with it? Something in Grails. Thank you OStatic, thank you Sun, thank you Layered Tech.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Free Hosting

Good news, I have a hosting account with no charge for a year. Bad news, I don't have a web site to host. The goal is to have a site that will be self-supporting when the free year of hosting is up. The clock is ticking, the account is already set up and will cost money in less than a year. It will take some time for whatever it is to gain traction and generate even the small amount of revenue necessary to break even. The normal cost is $60 per month. Labor is available, development and test environments exist. Ideas are lacking. A good idea would be nice, a good idea that can be implemented quickly would be great. Think, think, think.