Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Time to reboot the blog. I've let it sit long enough.

Since this post will serve as the new information station for those who would like to learn more about All The Way To The Beginning , I'll provide a little history and try to predict a tiny bit of the future.

Originally this blog was intended to follow a web development project from inception until launch. It came close, but I didn't recognize it at the time. There was a launch but it wasn't intended to be a real site, it was the practice round to ensure everything would work as expected. Unfortunately the big idea never materialized and the process stopped short of the goal. The practice site was the only product launch achieved. Now I have decided to let the Quote of Tomorrow site remain down permanently.

For round two I plan to be a little more personal, after all it is just me this time. The topics will continue to be technologies that interest me. However, I will likely add in more of the 9 to 5 things I deal with as an Oracle Web Center Interaction portal administrator. Yes, it is a mouthful and the acronym is even worse, Oracle WCI 10gR3. The dream is, of course, convergence of the work hours efforts with the free time pursuits and I'll be sure to detail any chance I have to use Groovy and Grails in portal deployments. It is not currently on the radar screen but you have to have a dream, right?

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  1. Welcome back. Looking forward to your future adventures.