Sunday, February 8, 2009

OpenSolaris Workstation Step 3

OpenSolaris BibleI installed a new video card so I could set up dual monitors. It works great. I made sure to get a card with an Nvidia chip set since I knew the Nvidia driver utility was already installed in OpenSolaris 2008.11. Once I got everything configured just the way I liked, I wanted to see what real development would feel like with the new setup. I downloaded Grails 1.1 Beta 3 and extracted the download in my home directory. Then I set the GRAILS_HOME environment variable to that folder.
ed@opensolaris:~$ export GRAILS_HOME=~/grails-1.1-beta3
That is easier to type than /export/home/ed/grails-1.1-beta3. JAVA_HOME hadn’t been set so that was next.
ed@opensolaris:~$ export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java
Then I totally screwed up my PATH. I didn’t know how to reference the existing path in the new path and basically wiped out the entire path when I tried to add on GRAILS_HOME/bin. If someone can educate me I’d appreciate a comment. It was easy to figure out I did something wrong because printenv didn’t work at all when I tried to check my new path. Once I redid PATH and added ~/grails-1.1-beta3/bin I crossed my fingers and typed grails in a terminal window.
ed@opensolaris:~$ grails
Welcome to Grails 1.1-beta3 -
Licensed under Apache Standard License 2.0
Grails home is set to: /export/home/ed/grails-1.1-beta3

No script name specified. Use 'grails help' for more info or 'grails interactive
' to enter interactive mode
In NetBeans 6.5 I set the Grails_Home under Tools > Options > Groovy then I began a new project and selected Groovy, Grails Application. Now everything really is groovy!

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  1. you can extend your path like this:

    (bash syntax)

    prompt> PATH=$PATH:/my/new/path
    prompt> export PATH