Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hard Stop at Grails 1.0.4?

I am beginning to get excited about January 2009. Quite often New Year's Day provides a time of reflection on the past 12 months and an opportunity to set goals for the upcoming year. If the timeline for the release of Grails 1.1 comes through as expected, January may be a perfect time for me to start fresh. Why? I know how easy it is to upgrade Grails versions. That is one of the many really nice features of the framework.
    grails upgrade

Could it be any easier? But I want to upgrade everything. NetBeans shipped 6.5, GlassFish has V3 Prelude, OpenSolaris is coming out with the 2008.11 version, and Grails 1.1 is in beta. I'm going to start planning on some new bits for the New Year.

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